Mapping an Instrument
The complete set of maps created on each instrument.
Click here for more detailed information on what each type of map can reveal.
Journey to the Center of the Violin
A two minute journey into an historic 1735 instrument. The movie begins at the lower button and travels through the body, past the soundpost and ends at the neck.
Into the Worm Hole . . . .
This instrument was riddled with worm holes that would not be discovered with a visual inspection.
Violin In A New Light . . . .
A video comprised of more of the images we can obtain with our specialized software and lighting that allow us to see what the naked eye cannot.
  Violin Exploded View
An interesting video "exploding" a violin using our specialized software.
  The Scanning Process
This video demonstrates how the scanning process takes place. Must "like" our Facebook page to view this one.