Instrument purveyors can now present potential clients with a fully independent condition analysis report.  Within a few years these reports will likely be required before the purchase of any significant instrument.

CT technology has improved significantly in the past 20 years and the use of X-rays for diagnostic purposes will only increase in the future; those willing to embrace this future and its benefits will be highly respected and sought after by musicians.

  • our expert reports are provided in a way that most people will readily understand.
  • potential clients will be impressed by the willingness of the shop to give them full information – offering complete transparency.
  • independent expert report obviates the need to take instruments to another shop for a second opinion of condition which (due to possible conflicts of interest) may not result in a sale.
  • knowing definitively the instrument is not hiding issues that could affect the future resale value is an additional sales point for the seller and aids shops in appraising instruments accurately.
  • we come to you to perform the scan - no shipping is involved
  • optional dendrochronology report adds supporting documentation for Certificate of Authenticity
  • it will not be possible for a buyer to later say they were not informed of potentially depreciating conditions.
  • beautifully hard-bound book to accompany the instrument’s Certificate of Authenticity increases the intrinsic value.

Similar to a certificate of authenticity, shops may ask that instruments being placed for consignment are scanned prior to intake, may perform a scan on instruments under consideration for acquisition, or may elect to scan instruments for planning the restoration process.

Shops may also offer these scans to their existing customers. Arranging for several instruments to be scanned during the same session will reduce the price of each individual instrument condition report by sharing some of the fixed costs among several instruments.