Peter Ratcliff has been a professional instrument-maker and restorer since 1983. Since 2007, Peter has offered professional dendrochronological services for players, prospective buyers, curators, and dealers alike. He specialises in bowed and plucked musical instruments, but any instrument made of wood is a candidate for examination. He is currently working in conjunction with several museums; dating wood from many instruments in their collection.

Following in the footsteps of colleague and mentor John Topham, he began to build up his personal dendrochronological database, as well as developing dedicated cross-dating software and building precision measuring equipment.

Peter has contributed articles in the BVMA newsletter, The Strad, and the scholarly journal Dendrochronologia as well as writing the dendrochronology chapter in James Westbrook's The Century That Shaped the Guitar. He also submits instrument data to the International Tree Ring Data Bank (ITRDB).