The current status quo when considering the acquisition of an instrument is to take it to another shop for an evaluation of its physical condition.

A truly independent opinion can be very difficult to obtain as the only people knowledgeable enough to provide this service may very well have comparable instruments for sale themselves.  Those most respected in the field will often acknowledge that “independent” in this circumstance is virtually impossible and less scrupulous individuals may even exaggerate negative aspects for their own benefit.

We provide the only truly independent condition analysis reports as we have no conflicts of interest and no financial gain or loss due to the report findings.

Furthermore, our findings are not opinions; they are objective rather than subjective and are presented to the owner, or potential owner, to see for themselves. Our reports are provided in a way that most people will readily understand.

We know that musicians are not only very protective of their instruments, but also that they cannot be without them for any period of time, so we come to your location or the nearest large city to perform the scan. No shipping is involved. The instrument is only out of it's case for a very short time, takes a short ride on a foam lined bed, is put back in the case and returned to the owner immediately afterward.

Strad Magazine recently published an article on the "Top 10 Things You Need To Know About the String World" and listed independent condition reports as number one. They insist that no major purchase of a instrument should be completed without such a report being conducted and that in a few short years it will be standard practice. Performing a scan before purchase is a prudent investment for any musician or collector as opposed to discovering later there are major internal issues that reduce the instrument’s resale value.

We can show you what even the eyes of trained experts cannot see.