Insurance companies will benefit in that they will truly know the quality and condition of the instruments or objects they are insuring.
  • an instrument in perfect condition is worth considerably more than one by the same maker that has undergone extensive work and future potential devaluations are based on this value.
  • the quality of restoration work has made great advances in the past 20 years and it is often quite difficult, even for experienced luthiers, to detect some of these repairs which may heavily impact valuation. 
  • our optional dendrochronology report allows for age dating of the wood in cases of suspected fakes or fraud

An insurance company could request a condition report prior to covering an instrument or object such as an instrument bow or could request a report after an accident to be sure the area of concern was not previously damaged and repaired. 

Strad Magazine recently published an article on the "Top 10 Things You Need To Know About the String World" and listed independent condition reports as number one. They insist that no major purchase of a instrument should be completed without such a report being conducted and that in a few short years it will be standard practice. It just makes good business sense.