Our unique scanning techniques and specially designed software analysis provide crucial insights into the health of the instruments in your care.
  • knowledge of previous repairs and restorations is especially crucial for instruments that will be loaned to musicians. 
  • condition report provides the most in-depth accounting of an instruments dimensions, thicknesses, wood densities, elevation profiles, etc. The curator may choose to make this information available to others, either as a for-profit venture or as a way of sharing and comparing information with other institutions.
  • the obtained information is invaluable in planning restoration methodologies.
  • knowledge of wood densities aids in selecting appropriate humidity levels for displayed instruments
  • for collections that allow loans, a scan is particularly valuable in knowing which instruments have a more delicate structure and might be easily damaged.
  • optional dendrochronology report adds supporting documentation for Certificate of Authenticity
  • we come to you to perform the scan - no shipping is involved

Strad Magazine recently published an article on the "Top 10 Things You Need To Know About the String World" and listed independent condition reports as number one. They insist that no major purchase of a instrument should be completed without such a report being conducted and that in a few short years it will be standard practice. Commissioning a complete condition report (CT scan, dendrochronology, & UV varnish analysis) before purchase is a prudent investment for any collection administrator or curator as opposed to discovering later that there are significant issues below the surface that reduce the instrument’s intrinsic or resale value.